Valentine Sun Catcher-Crafting With Children Special Project

Crafting with Children-Valentine Craft Suncatcher
Here’s an advanced craft not found in our Valentine Craft book. Add a colorful sparkle to your kitchen window with this beautiful suncatcher. It is made of crayon bits between two pieces of wax paper and ironed. This is a good way to use up old broken crayons.

You need:
• Wax paper
• Old crayons in Valentine’s Day colors
• Pencil sharpener, or an old grater
• Tape
• Iron
• Newspapers or cardboard
• Scissors
• Kitchen twine, embroidery floss, string or narrow ribbon
• Optional: glitter
• Optional: black construction paper and glue

Get Ready!
Use a pencil sharpener (or old cheese grater that you will not be using for food again, as the crayon bits will not wash off easily) to make crayon shavings. Make more than you think you will need. I suggest keeping the colors separate in little piles on a piece of paper, or contained in paper cups.

Crafting with Children-Making crayon shavings.

Determine where you will be ironing your child’s masterpiece. If you use the table or a countertop, place a thick layer of newspaper on the craft space to protect the surface. The child will create her masterpiece here, and it will not have to be moved when it is time to iron it.

If you prefer to use your ironing board, place a piece of cardboard on the craft space to hold the wax paper. The art will be created here. When it is done, carefully move the cardboard to the ironing board covered with newspaper or butcher paper and slide the wax paper onto it.

Tape the sheet of wax paper to the newspaper or cardboard to keep it from moving about. Use only two or three tiny pieces of tape so it will be easy to move the wax paper later.

Get Crafting!
Show the child how you made crayon shavings and let her try it if she would like to. Then demonstrate the careful sprinkling of shavings onto a sheet of wax paper. Encourage your child to place a lot of shavings on the paper; the more color, the more exciting the finished piece.
When your child feels her art is finished, if you wish you can let her shake a little bit of glitter between the crayon shavings. This will add extra sparkle!

Place a second sheet of wax paper on top of the crayon shavings and place a dish towel or a piece of clean paper on top of that to keep crayon off the iron. Be sure your child is at a safe distance and then iron on low heat. Keep checking the melting process and let your child see it, too. This can get pretty exciting watching the crayons melt and the colors blend together. Again, keep the iron away from the little tyke!

Turn off the iron and put away. Let the art cool off. Now you have a couple of options:

Simple Option: You can cut out several valentine shapes from the wax paper. Punch a small hole and string a piece of the thread through it to hang them from. You can hang one from the bottom of the other, or just hang them separately in the window.

Not-as-Simple Option: Cut two identical large hearts from black construction paper. Cut out smaller hearts from within the larger ones. This will be the frame. Lay one on top of the art and have your child move it around to find the best color. Then help her glue the heart frame onto the wax paper. Cut out the wax paper along the edge of the black paper. Turn it over and glue the end of the string to the top of the frame. Now have your child glue the second frame piece to the first one. When it is dry it can be hung in the window. How pretty!

The author, Michelle Buvala, is an avid gardener, home crafts teacher and mother of four teen and young adult children. Find her book, “Easy Valentine Crafts to Make with Young Children” at today!